Other Beats

What are Beats?

Beats are open source lightweight data shippers. They are the easy, fast and reliable way to ship data. Each beat is a single-purpose data shipper. You can install and run as many as required. They all share libbeat to ship data directly to Logstash hosted by Logit. They are modular component in your infrastructure, there is no single point of failure.

How to Configure Beats

Below are a list of beats.

Name Description
filebeat Ship log files
packetbeat Ship network data
metricbeat Ship metrics from systems and services
winlogbeat Winlogbeat ships Windows event logs
apachebeat Reads status from Apache HTTPD server-status.
burrowbeat Monitors Kafka consumer lag using Burrow.
cassandrabeat Uses Cassandra’s nodetool cfstats utility to monitor Cassandra database nodes and lag.
cloudtrailbeat Reads events from Amazon Web Services’ CloudTrail.
dockbeat Reads Docker container statistics and indexes them in Elasticsearch.
elasticbeat Reads status from an Elasticsearch cluster and indexes them in Elasticsearch.
execbeat Periodically executes shell commands and sends the standard output and standard error to Logstash or Elasticsearch.
factbeat Collects facts from Facter.
flowbeat Collects, parses, and indexes sflow samples.
hsbeat Reads all performance counters in Java HotSpot VM.
httpbeat Polls multiple HTTP(S) endpoints and sends the data to Logstash or Elasticsearch. Supports all HTTP methods and proxies.
hwsensorsbeat Reads sensors information from OpenBSD.
jmxproxybeat Reads Tomcat JMX metrics exposed over JMX Proxy Servlet to HTTP.
journalbeat Used for log shipping from systemd/journald based Linux systems.
lmsensorsbeat Collects data from lm-sensors (such as CPU temperatures, fan speeds, and voltages from i2c and smbus).
mysqlbeat Run any query on MySQL and send results to Elasticsearch.
nagioscheckbeat For Nagios checks and performance data.
nginxbeat Reads status from Nginx.
nginxupstreambeat Reads upstream status from nginx upstream module.
openconfigbeat Streams data from OpenConfig-enabled network devices.
packagebeat Collects information about system packages from package managers.
phpfpmbeat Reads status from PHP-FPM.
pingbeat Sends ICMP pings to a list of targets and stores the round trip time (RTT) in Elasticsearch.
redisbeat Used for Redis monitoring.
retsbeat Collects counts of RETS resource/class records from Multiple Listing Service (MLS) servers.
saltbeat Reads events from salt master event bus.
twitterbeat Reads tweets for specified screen names.
udpbeat Ships structured logs via UDP.
unifiedbeat Reads records from Unified2 binary files.
uwsgibeat Reads stats from uWSGI.
wmibeat Uses WMI to grab your favorite, configurable Windows metrics.