Cloud Foundry

From your dashboard:

  1. Identify the Logit ELK stack you want to use.

  2. Click Logstash Configuration.

  3. Note your Logstash Endpoint.

  4. Note your TCP-SSL, TCP or UDP Port (not the syslog port).

  5. Create the log drain service in Cloud Foundry.

    $ cf cups logit-ssl-drain -l syslog-tls://ENDPOINT:PORT
    $ cf cups logit-drain -l syslog://ENDPOINT:PORT
  6. Bind the service to an app.

    $ cf bind-service YOUR-CF-APP-NAME logit-ssl-drain
    $ cf bind-service YOUR-CF-APP-NAME logit-drain
  7. Restage or push the app using one of the following commands:

    $ cf restage YOUR-CF-APP-NAME
    $ cf push YOUR-CF-APP-NAME

    After a short delay, logs begin to appear in Kibana.

For more information see the cloud foundry documentation: Log Streaming